MALINDO-Journal of Malaysian and Indonesian Studies (MALINDO JOURNAL) is a peer-reviewed journal that is committed to the publication of scholarship in the social sciences, arts and humanities on Malaysian and Indonesian studies. It mainly focuses on the discourse on research findings of the studies. Original article on specific topics like arts, literature, language, history, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, heritage, tourism, etc. are welcome to be published in this journal. This journal also publishes special issues focusing on a particular theme or topic. The journal is published two times a year, in April and October. MALINDO JOURNAL employs a double-blind review process. Contribution in English or Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia (with an extended abstract in English) should be typed single-spaced and not exceed 8000 words for a full paper, 5000 words for a review paper and 1500 words for a book review. All citations and references must strictly follow the latest version of APA format. 


eISSN  : 2710-7248
Publisher  : University of Malaya
Publication Type : Online
Publication frequency: 2 time(s) per year (April and October) 
Peer Review : Double-blind
No. of articles : 10 - 15 per issue


MALINDO JOURNAL is a multi-discipline journal which broadly focuses on the research result on Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities related to Malaysia and Indonesia. More specifically, MALINDO JOURNAL seeks to promote critical research upon a range of inter-related issues within this geographical area pertaining to social sciences, arts and humanities affairs and issues.


As an open-access journal, this journal's aims are to

1. Connect the gap between scholarship in the multi-discipline of area studies particularly Malaysia and Indonesia.
2. Bridge the global, Malay world, Malaysia and Indonesia and local knowledge and information
3. Digest a contextual analysis of issues and themes pertaining related to Malaysia and Indonesia
4. Reflect the relationship between theory and practice on Social Science, Arts and Humanities in Malaysia and Indonesia
5. Provide a platform for the discourse of studies between academics, researchers, and practitioners on Malaysia and Indonesia.